Recep Tayyip Erdoğan

Turkish President Erdoğan Calls Netanyahu a ‘Terrorist’ and Israel a ‘Terror State’

New Delhi: Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has slammed Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu over his comments targeting Turkey's ongoing military operation in the...

India Pledges $5 Million to the UN Relief Agency for Palestinian Refugees

New Delhi: The Government of India has increased its annual contribution for UNRWA from US$ 1.25 million to US$ 5 million from 2018-19 for...

Russia Faces Global Diplomatic Expulsions Following UK Nerve Agent Attack

New Delhi: A growing number of countries around the world have decided to take action against Russia following the nerve agent attack in the...
Kim Jong Un

Mysterious Train In China Sparks Rumor About Kim Jong Un First Visit Out Of...

New Delhi: A video broadcasted by Japanese broadcaster Nippon TV has sparked rumors that Kim Jong Un has made a secret visit to China....

Israel Confirms it Attacked Syrian Nuclear Site in 2007

New Delhi: Israel for the first time confirmed that it had attacked a Syrian nuclear reactor in 2007 and that the strike removed a...
Vladimir Putin

The Czar Returns: Vladimir Putin Wins Historic Fourth Term as Russian President

New Delhi: Vladimir Putin won a landslide election victory on Sunday thereby extending his presidency by another six years. Putin’s new fourth term, which...

With Eyes on China, India to Build Naval Facilities in Seychelles

India is to going to establish its first overseas military base on the Seychelles archipelago. The country has signed a 20-year pact with the government of Seychelles to build an airstrip and a jetty in the island chain.

Connecting ASEAN: The 21st Century will be a Century of the Seas, Skies and...

New Delhi: India has proposed a $1 billion line of credit to promote sea, air and road connectivity projects with ASEAN. It is crucial...
Michelle Murray

“Seychelles Sits At Crossroads Of East And West And Presents A Platform To Take...

In an interview with Diplomacy & Beyond, the Principal Secretary Ambassador Michelle Murray, Department of foreign Affairs, the Republic of Seychelles talks about the strength of bilateral relations between India and Seychelles.

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