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President Thưởng Meets Italian PM Meloni in Rome

In a significant step towards strengthening diplomatic ties and promoting bilateral cooperation, Vietnamese President Thưởng met with Italian Prime Minister Meloni in Rome yesterday. The meeting aimed to discuss key issues of mutual interest and explore opportunities for enhanced collaboration between the two nations. President Thưởng’s visit to Italy marks the first official meeting between the leaders of the two countries since Prime Minister Meloni assumed office earlier this year. The high-level talks took place in a warm and cordial atmosphere, reflecting the growing friendship and shared commitment to enhancing diplomatic relations.

During the meeting, President Thưởng and Prime Minister Meloni discussed a range of subjects, including trade, investment, cultural exchange, and international cooperation. Both leaders acknowledged the existing friendly ties between Vietnam and Italy and expressed their determination to further strengthen these relations.

One of the primary topics of discussion was trade and investment cooperation. President Thưởng emphasized Vietnam’s commitment to fostering a conducive business environment and invited Italian companies to explore investment opportunities in Vietnam’s dynamic and rapidly growing economy. Likewise, Prime Minister Meloni expressed Italy’s interest in expanding its presence in the Vietnamese market and looked forward to increased collaboration in various sectors, including manufacturing, technology, and renewable energy.

Cultural exchange was also a key point of interest in the meeting. President Thưởng and Prime Minister Meloni recognized the significance of cultural diplomacy in bringing the people of both countries closer. They discussed the possibility of organizing cultural events, exhibitions, and exchanges to promote a better understanding of each other’s history, traditions, and values. The leaders touched upon regional and international issues of mutual concern, with a particular focus on promoting peace, stability, and sustainable development. They reaffirmed their commitment to multilateralism and emphasized the importance of upholding international law and resolving disputes through peaceful means.

Following the meeting, President Thưởng and Prime Minister Meloni issued a joint statement, highlighting the fruitful discussions and the shared vision of deepening bilateral relations between Vietnam and Italy. Both leaders expressed optimism about the future prospects of collaboration and pledged to work together to achieve common goals for the benefit of their nations and the international community. President Thưởng’s extended an invitation to Prime Minister Meloni to visit Vietnam at a mutually convenient time. Prime Minister Meloni graciously accepted the invitation, further signalling the commitment of both countries to nurturing their diplomatic ties.