Kamala Harris

Kamala Harris To Be US Presidential Candidate Joe Biden’s Running Mate

The Democratic Presidential candidate, Joe Bidden, has named California’s attorney general, Kamala Harris, as his nominee for Vice President. Ms Harris is the first...
Portland Crisis

Portland Crisis: Trump Receives Criticism for Crackdown at the Portland

Post the brutal institutional killing of Gorge Floyd in May, the entire US was swept by the wave of anti-racist protests. The Black Lives...
United State

Trump Administration Revokes the Draconian Deportation Policy Targeting the Foreign Students in the USA

The previous week spelled disaster and kicked in panic among the foreign students in the U.S. after the Trump administration announced that their stay...
H-1B Visa

The impact of H-1B Visa ban on Indian Diaspora in the US

H-1B Visa Issue The issue of H-1B visa has attained a degree of political currency in recent times, elevating its status to a critical element...

Curfews imposed in Chicago, Los Angeles after race protests turn violent

Curfews were imposed on major cities in the United States (US) as protestors’ clashes with police intensified. It comes even as President Donald Trump...
France Biarritz 2019

Donald Trump postpones G7 summit; invites India to join group

US President Donald Trump has reportedly said that he may postpone the G7 summit planned in June until September or later. In addition, Trump...
Covid-19 Vaccine

Coronavirus update: Moderna’s COVID-19 vaccine shows positive results in early trial

Amid the ongoing coronavirus crisis, an experimental vaccine by Moderna Inc has raised hopes after it showed positive results in a small early-stage trial....

‘Don’t want to speak to Xi Jinping’: Donald Trump hints at snapping ties with...

In what may further deteriorate relations with China, US President Donald Trump said that he doesn’t want to speak to President Xi Jinping for...

Coronavirus: US to see more deaths if economy reopens too soon, warns expert

The United States (US) is expected to record more coronavirus deaths and economic damage in case of the economy reopening too early, a top...

‘Not interested’: US President Donald Trump rules out renegotiating trade deal with China

Even as coronavirus takes toll on the global economy, US-China tussle is expected to add to woes after Donald Trump refused to renegotiate the...

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