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About Us

Diplomacy and Beyond Plus (D&B), is a monthly magazine, We hold a reputation in the media sector as an entity that aptly covers foreign affairs and India’s bilateral ties.

Known for its high-quality articles on events at national and international level, D&B’s write-ups are well-researched and provide in-depth information.

D&B covers everything ranging from politics, economics and social issues to the environment, culture and world cinema. Our cover stories are non-sensational and put a strong emphasis on human interest, which has been highly appreciated in India and worldwide.

The magazine’s reader base includes the Ministry of External Affairs – Government of India; the entire range of Indian diplomatic missions abroad and of foreign diplomatic missions in India; business chambers and consulates; investment promotion agencies, and people all over the world who like to keep abreast of such issues. We also have a decent following on the website and our social media links.

D&B’s special issues that report on bilateral relations of India with other nations also hold substantial influence on the policy-making authorities of India and the respective country.

We believe in being unflinchingly secular, democratic and pro-people.