Myanmar PeaceProcess Restarts

Since independence in 1948, Myanmar has been affected by ethnic conflict that has disturbed the peace of the country August 20, 2020: Peace process in...
Engulfs Vietnam

After Successful Mitigation, Coronavirus Pandemic Engulfs Vietnam; Bewilders Experts

Vietnam had recently impressed the Global community by its aggressive and successful measures at containing the coronavirus pandemic in the country. As early as...
Indonesia's Economy

The Ongoing Global Health Crisis Serves a Major Blow to Indonesia’s Economy, The Worst...

The coronavirus pandemic has adversely affected South East Asia's largest economy, Indonesia. On Wednesday, Indonesia's health ministry disclosed that the number of new cases...
Gotabaya Rajapaksa

Gotabaya Rajapaksa Lead Sri Lanka People’s Front Wins ‘Super Majority’ in The Recent Parliamentary...

On August 5th, Sri Lanka became one of the few countries to have held parliamentary elections in the time of a global pandemic. The...
Elections in Hong Kong

Elections in Hong Kong Postponed Due to Escalating Coronavirus Scenario

The coronavirus pandemic is rapidly fanning out in Hong Kong with the city recording over 100 cases on a daily basis, for the past...
South Korean Economy

The Pandemic Hits South Korean Economy; Plummets into Recession

In the early phase of the pandemic, one of the worst suffering countries after China was South Korea. In February, it had recorded about...
China Maybe Inching

China Maybe Inching Towards a Financial Cataclasm

The economic instability and resultant upheaval in the global market is not a revelation. Despite being warned of the global health emergency by WHO,...

China Reopens Cinemas After Six Months

The nationwide theatre shutdown on Jan. 23 reopens after myriad bankruptcies and layoffs. With strict guidelines by Chinese Administration, the film industry receives a...

Building ASEAN Community Imperative, state High Officials

Founded on the 8th of August, 1967 in Bangkok, Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) originally had five member countries, namely Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines,...
Singapore Hold Elections

Singapore Hold Elections in Middle of a Pandemic

Singapore is the third nation to be conducting elections amidst Covid 19 along with South Korea in April and Serbia in late June. With...

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