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Diplomacy & Beyond Plus is an India-based Journal of Foreign Policy and National Affairs (ISSN: 2581-8929). D&B has published several editions in association with the Ministry of External Affairs, Indian Embassies and Foreign Embassies. The publication enjoys both national and international readership. We invite research scholars and professionals to contribute article for numerous bilateral issues and the monthly editions.

Article Submission Guidelines:

·       All submissions must be original pieces.

·       The maximum word limit for the article is 2000-2500 words.  

·       Citations must be in the form of endnotes.

·       Once an article has been accepted, the article will undergo a strict review, mechanical edit, fact check, and if required, a substantive/developmental edit.

·       Please include your full name and title with a short biography (2-3 sentences).

·       Online submissions are welcome to the editors via [email protected]