Greater Women Participation in Policy Making Positions Reduce Corruption, Finds Study

 Greater Women Participation in Policy Making Positions Reduce Corruption, Finds Study Shivashish Shanker A study has been published in the Journal of Economic Behavior and...
Cape Town

How Water Crisis Brought the City of Cape Town to its Knees

New Delhi: South Africa's Cape Town is facing a drought so severe it would usually be expected only once every 384 years. The army is...

Maldives Crisis: Why India Needs to Intervene

New Delhi: Maldives’ former President Mohamed Nasheed has sought Indian military intervention in the crisis-ridden country. His tweet comes a day after President Abdulla Yameen...

With Eyes on China, India to Build Naval Facilities in Seychelles

India is to going to establish its first overseas military base on the Seychelles archipelago. The country has signed a 20-year pact with the government of Seychelles to build an airstrip and a jetty in the island chain.
Singapore model

Can India Learn from Singapore’s De-radicalization Programme?

New Delhi: The Centre has sought inputs from states on whether the 'Singapore Model' to counter Islamic radicalization with community involvement can be implemented...
Lal Bahadur Shastri

The Conspiracy of Silence: Was Lal Bahadur Shastri Murdered?

New Delhi: At around 1.25 am on January 11, Lal Bahadur Shastri woke up, coughing severely. PM Shastri was staying in a villa in...
Sri Lanka

Progressing Entertainment Industry of Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka has largely been inspired by various cultural traditions of eastern and the western world due to many reasons. Most importantly, being an...

Direkte Kontakte und Austausch

Indien und Deutschland haben eine lange Tradition des akademischen und kulturellen Austauschs. Deutsche Wissenschaftstradition hatte eine Kernfunktion in der Verbreitung indischer Kunst, Kultur, Literatur...

Economic Hara-kiri? Pakistan Allows Use of Chinese Yuan for Trade, Investment

New Delhi: Pakistan has decided to allow the Chinese Yuan to be used for imports, exports and financing transactions for bilateral trade and investment...

UAE-India: From Shared History to Future Prosperity

As India followed the Five Principal of  Peaceful Co-existence (Panchsheel), one of which was to respect the sovereignty of other countries; India and UAE established diplomatic relations in 1972. It was oil that brought the Western world closer to the Middle East, but theoretically, the Asian economies like India were closer to the region; not just in terms of cultural synonym, but also due to its geographical proximity, the huge Indian population that thrives there and economic inter-dependence between the two.

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