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U.S-India Business Council Convenes Artificial Intelligence Task Force Meeting

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s U.S.-India Business Council (USIBC) virtually held its first Artificial Intelligence Task Force meeting on April 25, 2024. Cross-sector collaboration in AI across industries was the agenda driving the meeting. According to a press release by the USIBC, its Task Force aims to drive Indian and U.S. leadership in the AI sector. It also aims to promote common AI concepts within multistakeholder and national processes and work towards maintaining the competitiveness of industries to leverage, develop, and commercialise AI, benefiting each country’s citizens.

Collaboration between Industry Leaders

The meeting witnessed the participation of many leaders from advanced technology sectors, such as semiconductor design and manufacturing, logistics, biotechnology, commercial electronics, space, defence, telecommunications, financial services, and information technology. Moreover, the event created a platform for furthering synergy and cooperation in key sectors critical to economic competitiveness, global growth, and national security.

Mr. Bala Subramanian, Executive Vice President and Chief Digital and Technology Officer at UPS Ventures; Ms. Inderpreet Sawhney, Group General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer at Infosys; and Mr. Akash Shah, Chief Growth Officer and Global Head of Growth Ventures at BNY Mellon, have been inducted as new members in the AI Board Advisory Committee. The expansion of the USIBC to include talents from the U.S. and India aims to strengthen collaboration and innovation in AI.

Additionally, USIBC announced that Meta is the co-chair of the AI Task Force. According to their press release, Meta’s industry experience, resources, and knowledge would greatly guide the Task Force’s initiatives in providing AI solutions to critical societal challenges.

U.S.-India Relations

Ambassador Mr. Atul Keshap, the USIBC President, noted that the job of the Task Force is not limited to ensuring advancement in AI, developing industries, and changing lives. The AI Task Force reinforces free societies. The collaborations will ensure that democracies can utilise technology to further bilateral ties between countries and facilitate citizen-led prosperity. Reiterating Mr. Keshap’s point, Mr. Bala Subramanian also maintained that the AI Task Force would strengthen relations between the U.S. and India by engendering strategic partnerships between the governments and businesses of both nations. Ms. Inderpreet Sawhney further pointed out that the vast pool of data and talent made available by USIBC would surely boost the potential of U.S.-India collaborations.

According to the social media post of USIBS, “USIBC is thrilled to announce the launch of our #AI Task Force, a ground-breaking initiative aimed at shaping AI policy and innovation. Our inaugural virtual meeting convened industry leaders to drive collaboration and explore synergy in key sectors.”

The USIBC was established in 1975 at the behest of the U.S. and Indian governments. It represents top global companies in the U.S., India, and Indo-Pacific regions. As part of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, the USIBC has served as an essential facilitator of commercial partnerships between India and the U.S. Advancement in the AI sector is yet another crucial step taken by the USIBC that would further U.S.-India relations towards attaining world order and stability through emerging technology.