Arts is Hanging

The Future of Performing Arts is Hanging, Courtesy, the Pandemic

There is a level of anxiety about the future of performing arts, as Covid-19 has raised many questions regarding the future of performing arts....
"Himalayan glaciers melting"

Towering Crisis: Himalayan Glaciers Melting Twice as Fast since 2000

Himalayan glaciers melting significantly faster since 2000 Melting of the Himalayan Glaciers has doubled since 2000,...
Vellore river revives

A 20,000-Strong Group of Women Revive Vellore Dying River

Women of Vellore revive the Naganadhi river after 15 years In Tamil Nadu’s drought-struck Vellore district,...
London Patient is now the second adult to be “functionally cured” of the HIV infection

London Patient Becomes Second HIV-Free Adult

The London patient, a man known to be infected with HIV, has now become the second adult in the world to be freed from...

Pre-historic Hominins Not Guilty of Mass Mammal Extinctions

Bursting the myth that human ancestors caused the extinction of large mammals and other such species, a study reveals that environmental changes were responsible...

Dwindling in Space: Saturn to Lose its Rings

Earth’s life, Jupiter’s red storm, Neptune’s blue, and Saturn’s rings are few of the spectacularly unbelievable features that make up our solar system. According...

Greater Women Participation in Policy Making Positions Reduce Corruption, Finds Study

 Greater Women Participation in Policy Making Positions Reduce Corruption, Finds Study Shivashish Shanker A study has been published in the Journal of Economic Behavior and...
Cape Town

How Water Crisis Brought the City of Cape Town to its Knees

New Delhi: South Africa's Cape Town is facing a drought so severe it would usually be expected only once every 384 years. The army is...

Maldives Crisis: Why India Needs to Intervene

New Delhi: Maldives’ former President Mohamed Nasheed has sought Indian military intervention in the crisis-ridden country. His tweet comes a day after President Abdulla Yameen...

With Eyes on China, India to Build Naval Facilities in Seychelles

India is to going to establish its first overseas military base on the Seychelles archipelago. The country has signed a 20-year pact with the government of Seychelles to build an airstrip and a jetty in the island chain.

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