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First Education Working Group Meet of G20 Concludes in Chennai

The India Chair of the G-20 Education Working Group (EdWG) and Shri Sanjay Murthy, Secretary of Higher Education, have said that the alliance with universities across the globe was a primary outcome of the deliberations at the meeting in Chennai. After the conclusion of the two-day first Education Working Group, in which a total of 80 delegates from 30 countries of the world and international organizations from member nations and special invitees participated, Mr. Sanjay Murthy addressed the media by saying that best practices in tech-related education in member nations have been discussed with greater significance.

UNICEF and other international organizations made intensive presentations during the two-day conclave. Mr. Sanjay Murthy further added that members expressed their willingness toward the goals, principles, and priorities that include capacity-building measures that would promote a life-long learning process in the context of the future of the working atmosphere and also find a long-term sustainable solution to the similar challenges in education that are being faced by the member countries situated in different geographies.

In the meeting, discussions were made in a detailed manner in the areas of inclusive, relevant, equitable, and quality education and lifelong opportunities for all. Mr. Sanjay Murthy further added that there would be three supplementary meetings of the educational group before the wide consensus that will be reached in the last meeting, which is scheduled to be held in June 2023. He said that delegates expressed their heartfelt gratitude for the generosity and arrangements made by the Tamil Nadu state government and IIT Madras, which hosted the Digital Technology Seminar, which was a part of the G20 Education Working Group Meeting.

The Ministry of School Education’s Secretary, Mr. Thiru Sanjay Kumar, who also participated in the conference, said that two issues, including the various ways in which to strengthen literacy at the school level and the utilization of digital technology in furthering education, were considered in an intensive manner by the delegates who were participating in the meet. He further said that the working group has provided the platform to take note of the best practices that are being followed by the member nations. The school education that is being followed in South Korea and European nations was discussed comprehensively, as said by Mr. Thiru Sanjay Kumar.

Mr. Sanjay Murthy further added that under the National Education Policy, 50 percent of the school-going children will be skilled in the coming future. He stated that recognition of those developing skills is considered to be the most important. In order to capture the assessment of the skills developed, a framework is being developed, as he noted. The Diksha platform and various other education-related projects that have already been implemented were appreciated by the delegates of the member countries who participated in the deliberations. The outcome of this meeting is advised to be documented and will be taken forward in the upcoming meeting that is going to be held from March 15th to March 17th in Amritsar, Punjab.

After the details of the events that are scheduled to be held in the run-up to the G20 Summit, which will be held in September, Mr. Sanjay Kumar Murthy added that 56 plus G20 meetings are being held in multiple parts of the country. These meetings will generate a lot of opportunities for the development of the sectors of education and employment.