Abu Dhabi Promotes Arts & Culture to Give the Economy a Boost

The current economic situation in countries all over the world is worth a thought. Due to the impact of the pandemic, nations...

The Last Aryan Village in India

A tribe of the Ladakh region is believed to be the original descents of the “Pure Aryan Race”, known as the  “Brokpas”...

Digital Art – Scope of The Revolution for India

The world is going through a digital revolution in its true sense. Whether it is client meetings, school classes, meetings, social gatherings,...

Egypt’s “Lost Golden City” Found by Archaeologists

Archaeologists have discovered Egypt’s lost golden city, called “The Rise of Aten” in Luxor, Egypt. The Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities and...

Creative Economy in Thailand – Need for Drastic Measures to Keep Pace

Since 2010, Thailand started implementing the concept of a Creative Economy in its domestic policy. This meant taking measures to develop resources...
Paradise Islands

The Botanical Bounty Of Paradise Islands

Bustling at the seams with abundant fauna and flora, New Guinea, is popularly called the Paradise Island. The island is acknowledged as a centre...
Freiburg City

Nine Centuries of a Pioneering Vision: The Sustainable Freiburg City

Recently Germany’s most sustainable, liveable and child-friendly city, Freiburg, celebrated 900 years of its establishment. The greenest province in Germany, Baden-Württemberg bears the country’s...
Russian Culture

Russian Culture in India: Teaching Before and During Crisis

The interest in Russian culture among Indian youth prevails and looking at the success of the interdisciplinary course "Introduction to Russian Culture" in the...

Future of Islam:Back to Muhammad and Medina-ism

1.1 Understanding U-Turn against a religious backdrop: Taking a U-turn to the future is like beginning again, from the beginning. It may be like pressing...

Our Bird – The Dodo

DODO We have always thought of the Dodo as being a stupid bird because it was...

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