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Abu Dhabi Promotes Arts & Culture to Give the Economy a Boost

The current economic situation in countries all over the world is worth a thought. Due to the impact of the pandemic, nations are resorting to unconventional and out of the box thought processes to help the economy recover. One such instance is the recent take of Abu Dhabi about promoting its Creative and Culture Industries. 

The government announced the country’s intentions to strengthen the multidisciplinary sectors like creative fields and cultural aspects including films, arts and tourism to further the social and economic development. The idea primarily appears to be looking out for alternate sources to support the economy apart from oil. Due to the pandemic and the heavily affected tourism industry, the oil market too has shown a lull.   

Abu Dhabi has taken several initiatives to make the most of the situation and overcome the crisis.  As a part of the initiative, Abu Dhabi Art organised by the Department of Culture and Tourism will organise an exhibition event in London in the second week of June. The event is a collaboration between Abu Dhabi Art and Cromwell Place of London as a part of its annual programme called “Beyond: Emerging Artists”. The art exhibition will showcase some contemporary artists and UK is a potential market for cosmopolitan art lovers. 

In May 2021, the Department of Culture and Tourism had announced launch of three new initiatives to boost and support local artisans and cultural skills. The Abu Dhabi Crafts Platform is an impressive portal for aspiring artists to display and sell their works. These methods are extremely unto mark with the changing times to encourage youth to stay involved in preserving the culture while generating employment in the fields.

The Financial Times reported that Abu Dhabi plans to invest USD 6 Billion over the next five years in cultural and creative industries to cover up for the losses during the pandemic.  Abu Dhabi is extremely rich in culture and has a deep connection with its heritage much appreciated around the world. However, the limited showcasing has inhibited its due credit. Efforts along the same lines will be a big boost. There have been talks of easing the visa restrictions in some cases to allow “seamless” processes for encouraging tourism. An enhanced tourism will be a big support for the country looking forward to projecting its rich heritage. 

These efforts introduced are expected to create more jobs and revenue, be more open for entrepreneurs, include multimedia and other innovative ideas to take the economy a step ahead and explore new avenues.