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US Secretary of State paid his condolences to India on Vajpayee’s demise

“The American people and I stand with the people of India as we mourn Prime Minister Vajpayee’s passing. Today, we hold the people of India in our thoughts and prayers.” This was stated by Mike Pompeo after India lost her very favorite politician, leader and Prime Minister on 16th of August 2018,

Atal Bihari Vajpayee earned condolence and reverences from the personalities world-wide. On the demise of this great leader, US secretary of State, Mike Pompeo commented that both the countries were benefitted with expanded cooperation due to his vision.

The statement exactly reads as, “He recognized early on that the United States and India, based on their shared democratic values, could develop a partnership that would contribute to the economic prosperity and security of the region and the world. Today, our two countries and our bilateral relationship continue to benefit from Prime Minister Vajpayee’s vision, which helped promote expanded cooperation.” as per the reports of ANI.

Atal Bihari Vajpayee’s contribution to make India as a global and an economic power, his dedication to improve the lives of every Indian by working tirelessly for the development of the country and his famous characterization of U.S.-India ties as a ‘natural partnership of shared endeavours,”  was cherished by the  US Secretary of State.

The tenth Prime Minister of the country will be laid to rest at the Smriti Sthal on Friday afternoon.

(With inputs from ANI)