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China removes extradition bill

China to scrap extradition bill
China to scrap extradition bill

On Wednesday, China officially removes extradition bill. The bill would have opened a passage for movement of criminals from Hong-Kong to China.

They can send criminals for trial abroad including to Communist Party-controlled courts in China. The bill has created unrest among the people. Hong- Kong’s legislature on Wednesday formally withdraws this planned legislation.

 The removal of extradition bill is one among the five demands. The bill is off the table now. Even then, the pre-democratic protesters in Hong-Kong are unsatisfied.

Protesters are unsatisfied with the move. They are rallying in the Chinese ruled cities. The protest took a violent turn and the protestors trashed public buildings and set them on fire.

One protester said that we have “five demands, not one less” and the withdrawal means nothing to them. Hong-Kong leader Carrie Lam reiterated many times that the bill is as good as dead.

The Protesters are demanding universal suffrage and amnesty for those charged with rioting along with the removal of the bill. These demands are beyond her control, she said.

The Chinese government expressed confidence in Lam and her government. Surprisingly, now they are planning to replace her with a chief executive.

Due to this, the protesters demand for her to stand down. The leading candidate to succeed Lam includes Norman Chan, the former head of Hong-Kong Monetary Authority. The other name is of Henry Tang, who has served as financial and chief Secretary for administration.

A senior official in Beijing said that these are just stories. He refutes all the allegations on the Chinese government. He also added that the basic law, Hong-Kong’s mini-constitution, would not allow anyone to take over Lam.