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Brazil eliminates visa requirement for Indians

Brazil to scrap visa requirements for Indian tourists
Brazil to scrap visa requirements for Indian tourists

The country has opened its doors for tourists. President of Brazil Jair Bolsonaro announced it on an official trip to China on Thursday.

President Bolsonaro is a far rightist politician. He came to power at the beginning of the year. After coming to power, he reduces visa requirements for a number of developed countries.

He extends the policy to developing countries as well. India and China are first in the race to get this relaxation. Significantly, he announced it during an official visit to China.

He further added that the South American nations would drop its visa requirements. Notably, the Chinese and Indian citizens can travel without visa to Brazil.   

In the same vain, President of Embratur Galison Machado Neto announced thay “now we are going to highlight our natural resources.” Along with this, he put emphasis on their “cuisine, history, and heritage.” He announced it on an official visit to el Nuevo Herald.  

The inspiration behind the move is to please business tourists. Brazil is adopting this policy towards the countries, which have huge potential for visitors and business tourism.

This will promote Brazils natural marvels including Virgin landscapes ideal for ecological and adventure tourism.  

 The aim is to break the stagnation in tourism industry. The tourism industry just remained stagnated just at 6 million visitors a year for the past decade.

 To Brazil’s dismay, the soccer’s world cup in 2004 failed to make any significant change in the situation. 

This year, Brazilian government ended visa requirements for number of developed countries namely the USA, Canada, Japan, and Australia. These countries, however, have not dropped their requirements in return for Brazilian citizens.