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UAE and Austrian Foreign Ministers Discuss Bilateral Cooperation

H.H. Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the United Arab Emirates, met today with Alexander Schallenberg, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Austria, to discuss the strengthening of bilateral relations and the comprehensive strategic partnership between the two nations. The discussions occurred during Sheikh Abdullah’s official visit to Austria, highlighting a significant milestone as the countries celebrate the 50th anniversary of their diplomatic relations established in 1974. The meeting covered various aspects of bilateral cooperation, emphasizing the expansion of collaboration across multiple sectors, including economic, trade, investment, education, culture, energy, and climate action. Both ministers underscored the importance of seizing ambitious opportunities to enhance cooperation, benefiting their nations and fostering mutual interests.

H.H. Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed expressed the UAE’s commitment to deepening its ties with Austria, noting the strong foundation of friendship and cooperation that has developed over the past five decades. He highlighted the potential for broader collaboration, aiming to serve the common interests of both countries and their peoples. In addition to the bilateral discussions, the meeting included a review of cooperation within international organizations, reflecting the countries’ shared commitment to global stability and progress. This comprehensive dialogue exemplifies the robust and dynamic relationship between the UAE and Austria.

Cultural Engagement at the Albertina Museum

As part of his visit, Sheikh Abdullah toured the renowned Albertina Museum in Vienna, accompanied by Alexander Schallenberg, Saeed Mubarak Al Hajeri, Assistant Minister for Economic and Trade Affairs, and Hamad Al Kaabi, UAE Ambassador to Austria. The tour offered insights into the museum’s vast collection, featuring around 65,000 paintings, rare prints, architectural drawings, and several temporary exhibitions. Sheikh Abdullah expressed admiration for the museum’s extensive collection and its representation of Austria’s rich and diverse cultural heritage. He emphasized the value of cultural and artistic exchanges as integral components of the UAE-Austria strategic partnership. His Highness highlighted the importance of fostering cultural ties to enhance mutual understanding and shared values of tolerance and coexistence.

Luncheon and Diplomatic Exchange

Before the museum visit, Foreign Minister Alexander Schallenberg hosted a luncheon in honor of Sheikh Abdullah and his delegation. This gesture of hospitality further strengthened the bond between the two countries, providing an opportunity for more informal and personal diplomatic exchanges.

Historical Context of UAE-Austria Relations

The UAE and Austria have enjoyed a fruitful relationship since the establishment of diplomatic ties in 1974. Over the years, this relationship has evolved into a comprehensive strategic partnership characterized by mutual respect and collaboration. The two countries have consistently worked together on various international platforms, advocating for peace, security, and sustainable development. As both nations commemorate 50 years of diplomatic relations, the recent discussions and cultural engagements signify a continued commitment to building a prosperous future together. The UAE and Austria remain dedicated to exploring new avenues of cooperation, ensuring the growth and stability of their bilateral relations for many years to come.