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Saudi Red Sea Authority and Economic Cities and Special Zones Authority Sign Agreement for Tourism Cooperation

The Saudi Red Sea Authority (SRSA) has signed an agreement with the Economic Cities and Special Zones Authority (ECZA) to boost cooperation, integration, and coordination while facilitating the process of coastal tourism activities. Head of Strategic Partnerships HH Saud Bin Turki Al-Saud represented the SRSA, and the Deputy of Customer Services, Mr. Abdullah Noor, represented the ECZA. The signing ceremony took place on 11 June 2024.

The Agreement underscores five areas of cooperation:

  1. To establish a mechanism for facilitating procedures for coastal tourism activities and projects
  2. To provide community-based initiatives and develop training opportunities in the sector of coastal tourism.
  3. To enable the development of coastal tourism projects and all activities related to it
  4. To create investment opportunities and tourist experiences
  5. To enhance the efficiency and quality of the provided services.

The signing of the Agreement is per SRSA’s policy of attracting investment, facilitating coastal tourism activities, and promoting tourism destinations in the Red Sea. It also aims to integrate with relevant entities to develop human capital in the industry to build a sustainable and thriving coastal tourism sector.

The SRSA has been successfully working towards building and regulating the sector of tourism since 2021. Its main objective is integrating relevant entities by developing the necessary policies and strategies, issuing licenses and permits, determining infrastructure requirements, enabling investors, including SMEs, preserving the marine environment, and promoting navigational and marine tourism activities.

The ECZA wrote on X, “In alignment with #SaudiVision2030 and its commitment to the national tourism industry, #ECZA has signed a cooperation agreement with Saudi Red Sea Authority. This partnership aims to develop infrastructure, catalyze the expansion of the marine tourism sector in #KAEC, and establish the Red Sea as a premier global tourist destination.”

The signing of the Agreement aligns with the ECZA’s Vision 2030 of Saudi Arabia. Among the other objectives of the grand project, promoting tourism in the Red Sea is essential. The ECZA has been trying to highlight the cultural and natural importance of the Red Sea as a hub of tourism activities and a site of heritage. It plans to establish 50 resorts with 8000 hotel rooms and 1000 residential properties in the 28,000-square-kilometre stretch of the Red Sea by 2030. Vision 2030 has been shaping Saudi Arabia’s tourism and travel industry by showcasing the region’s natural and cultural artefacts.