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India to Woo Seychelles with a Dornier Aircraft

India has planned to gift Seychelles a Dornier aircraft. The Dornier Aircraft will be the second such aircraft to be given to the Indian Ocean Region. India plans to explore the trilateral cooperation with Seychelles and France.

Indo–French–Seychelles trilateral cooperation may safeguard India’s strategic interests in the key Indian Ocean Country that also is witnessing China’s growing interest.

India and France has also come together for the strategic partnership in the western part of the Indian Ocean Region. Both countries are connected with logistic agreement in order to support each other naval forces in Indian Ocean Region.

France also looks up to Seychelles for bilateral ties and has shown strategic interest in the island nation. France is Seychelles second largest investor and have assisted Seychelles in the South Indian Ocean Zone through their Army Forces. France and Seychelles have demonstrated highest quality of military bilateral ties.

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India has been in the talks to form its military base in Assumption Islands to monitor the traffic in the Mozambique Channel in the Indian Ocean.  India’s growing interest in Seychelles also comes from its interest in expanding its present in the Indian Ocean Region, in competition with China.

President Danny Faure is expected to reach Delhi on 25th June on a bilateral visit to enhance cooperation between Seychelles and India.