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India Prepares for Future Wars with Unmanned Weaponry

(AI)Unmanned Weaponry

Unmanned Weaponry

In the form of a bold defense project, the Indian government has started work on incorporating computer AI (artificial intelligence) to boost the operational state of the militia in an exceedingly vital manner that will arm them with remote-controlled tanks, vessels, aerial vehicles, and a robotic assemblage.

The move is an element of a broader policy initiative to arrange the Indian Army, Navy and with them, the Air Force for next generation warfare, and comes amid rising Chinese investments in developing vital applications of AI for its military.

According to the Secretary Defense Production Ajay Kumar, “The government had decided to introduce AI in all the three forces as it would be a “big area”, considering the requirements of future warfare.”

A high-powered task force headed by Tata Sons Chairman N Chandrasekaran, was finalising the specifics and framework of the project, which might be enforced in an exceedingly “partnership model” between the militia and the non-public sector.
“It is India’s preparation for next generation warfare. This (AI) is where the future is going to be. We need to prepare ourselves for the next generation warfare which will be more and more technology driven, more and more automated and robotised,” he told PTI.

Like several alternative world powers, India has conjointly started work on the appliance of AI to spice up the capabilities of its forces, Kumar said, adding that remote-controlled aerial vehicles, remote-controlled military service vessels, remote-controlled tanks and automatic robotic rifles as weapon systems can have an intensive use in future wars. “We have to be compelled to produce capabilities for of these platforms,” he said.

According to sources, the appliance of AI within the police work of India’s shared borders with China and Pakistan may considerably ease the pressure on armed personnel guarding the sensitive frontiers.

“AI is going to be a very big concept in the coming years. Major countries of the world are now working on strategies to see how AI can be used for defense forces. We are also moving ahead. What is unique about this initiative is that we have industry and defense forces working jointly,” Kumar said.

He also said that the recommendations of the task force were probably to come in by June, and then the government would take the project forward.

A framework is also being finalised, in accordance with which, businesses and defense forces may work together to form a robust base for AI in defense systems.

Kumar same there was a huge potential for the employment of AI within the civilian sphere as well.