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INSV Tarini Crew Likely to be Honoured with Gallantry Award

The Navika Sagar Parikrama team set off on their journey from Goa on September 10, 2017.

The sailing vessel Tarini went on a 245-day long gruelling journey around the world with an all-woman crew of six. According to sources familiar with the matter, the history that Tarini created by circumnavigating the globe is likely to be honoured with a gallantry award on Independence Day this August.

This honour is going to be another feat in itself as women rarely enjoy winning the gallantry awards in the Indian Armed Forces because of their limited deployment.

The names of Tarini skipper crew members— Lieutenant Commander Vartika Joshi, Commanders Pratibha Jamwal and P. Swathi, and Lieutenants S. Vijaya Devi, B. Aishwarya and Payal Gupta have been recommended for the award.

The crew returned to Goa from their global voyage on May 21 this year after eight months at sea and was welcomed with a rousing applause on their return. During its journey, Tarini covered more than 21,600 nautical miles.

The women are likely to be awarded the Nao Sena Medal (Gallantry) for their achievement after the proposal is approved by the President.

“The women showed tremendous courage and determination while facing formidable obstacles on the high seas. Finishing the voyage was no mean feat,” said the same source.

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For a voyage to qualify as circumnavigation, it has to start and finish at the same port, be careful to not go through a canal or strait, and has to be made across all meridians at least once, and cover at least 21,600 nautical miles.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Defense Minister Nirmala Sitharaman and Navy Chief Admiral Sunil Lanba had monitored the voyage very closely. Tarini made only five halts on its way—Fremantle (Australia), Lyttelton (New Zealand), Port Stanley (Falklands), Cape Town (South Africa), and Port Louis (Mauritius).

“This is great news as it’s rare for women to get gallantry awards in the armed forces, given that they are employed in limited roles. The Tarini girls have proved that if women are given opportunities, they can achieve anything,” said Major Shraddha Mishra, who retired from the army in 2005.