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India Concurs To Expedite Chabahar Project

India’s new transit route: Chabahar Port Project
India’s new transit route: Chabahar Port Project

Once completed, the Chabahar Port will connect Afghanistan and India in the Indian Ocean and make commerce and trade run smoothly.

India and Iran have given their consent to speed up their special project concerning the development of Iran’s significant port. As confirmed by the Indian Foreign Minister Subrahmanyam Jaishankar, the project is a joint venture between India, Iran and Afghanistan on the Indian Ocean.

The negotiations between Tehran and Delhi were productive and went without any glitch. Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani discussed about the commercial advantage that the project will bring in. The completion of the port along with its connectivity to the national railway will boost both commerce and regional security.

Iran has already lost major international deals on many accounts. Tehran’s bitter relationship with the Washington has affected it in terms of development and trade. The project will become the major route for Afghanistan opening space in the international waters breaking its landlocked dependency over Pakistan.

Since the US withdrawal from the nuclear deal and other sanctions, Iran has been feeling the pressure from international isolation. India also had stopped its purchase of oil from Iran in support of the US’ decision to abolish sanctions. With this project, both the countries are looking ahead to maintain a healthy bilateral cooperation.