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Netanyahu Wins Big!

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

Israel’s interim Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu gets a sigh of relief as he fends off internal rivals with huge victory.

The elections are on its way as Israel goes to poll in the month of March next year. The man in control this time is the Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu who has overcome the first obstacle in the primary battle for control within the Likud party. His has won 72% vote share over his rival Gideon Saar.

His much needed victory comes at a time when he himself is facing corruption and bribery charges. This momentous victory will give both confidence and an advantage to the Likud, as the political climate intensifies in Jerusalem. His challenger Gideon Saar congratulated him and announced his support for Netanyahu in the upcoming general elections.

What was supposed to be a tough contest became the ‘big moment’ for Netanyahu because of his international profile and fame. It also suggests that his party has no successor and has to rely on Bibi’s shoulders for the coming polls. His candidature is yet to be approved by the Supreme Court of Israel.

Since he is already facing serious charges, the road ahead for his political career is quite murky and uncertain. With no powerful successor and Netanyahu’s political fate undecided, the Likud party might be in troubled waters. What remains to be seen is if Bibi can lead his party to victory in March unlike the previous two election results!