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Film Festival to celebrate 75 Years of India-Indonesia Diplomatic Relations

2024 marks 75 years of diplomatic relations between Indonesia and India. To commemorate the occasion, the Indonesian Consulate-General in Mumbai, India, is organising a film festival in collaboration with the National Film Development Corporation (NFDC). The film festival is being held from July 1–6, 2024, in Mumbai, the capital of Maharashtra. The Indonesian Consul-General in Mumbai, Mr. Edy Wardoyo, and General NFDC Manager, Dr. Ramakrishnan, inaugurated the festival on July 1 and opened the event.

Several critically acclaimed movies are to be screened at the festival. Indonesian films like Partikelir (2018) by Pandji Pragiwaksono, Cek Toko Sebelah 1 (2016) by Ernest Prakasa, and Sehidup Semati (2023) by Upi Avianto were screened. Kantara (2022) by Rishab Shetty, Major (2022) by Sashi Kiran Tikka, and RRR-Rise Roar Revolt (2022) are some of the Indian films that have been screened till now.

During the inaugural session, Mr. Edy Wardoyo and Dr. Ramakrishnan discussed the importance of cultural exchanges between Indonesia and India as a means of collaboration. Given the strong cultural, historical, and economic ties between the two countries, such an exercise assumes even more significance. The Indonesian film industry is rife with potential and can learn much from the century-old Indian film industry.

This film festival will also be a culinary promotion event that will be part of Indonesia Spice Up the World. Traditional Indonesian street food will be served during intermissions and between events.

This Indonesian film festival is the first of its kind to be held in Mumbai and will showcase the development of the Indonesian film industry to Indians, particularly in Mumbai. Among the people planning to attend this festival are those from the Consular Corps, film actors, journalistic circles, Indonesia-India cooperation stakeholders, academics, and travel agents.

Several media houses were present and interviewed Mr. Edy Wardoyo during the event. Among them were RRI Voice of Indonesia, Bollylands, and Doordarshan.

Seventy-five years of India-Indonesia relations are a significant milestone in the two countries’ bilateral ties. This anniversary will celebrate both countries’ past achievements and commitment to cultural exchange, strengthened cooperation, and shared prosperity in the future. On February 2, 2024, Mr. Edy Wardoyo and the Ambassador of the Republic of Indonesia to India inaugurated the anniversary celebrations in Mumbai. On April 1, 2024, the Indonesian Consulate-General in Mumbai used air-conditioned buses on the streets of Mumbai to announce the 75 years of diplomatic relations between India and Indonesia.

Such events would celebrate the shared heritage of India and Indonesia and explore further opportunities to strengthen ties between both nations.