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European Parliamentary Elections: Green Party Gains Voters’ Support

European Parliamentary Elections
EU election results bring significant rise in Parliamentary seats for the Green Party

Having dominated the European Parliamentary Elections for nearly four decades, Centrist political parties struggle to sustain power in the UK as voters back the Green Party

The 2019 European Parliamentary Elections, scheduled for the month of May, witnessed a substantial shift in power on Monday.

In the United Kingdom, a record number of voters came out in support of radical alternatives like the Green Party over veteran leaders and centrists like the UK Conservative Party (Tories).

Pacing ahead in the UK, the Green Party is an anti-Brexit, pro-green political party. The Greens place utmost importance on curbing the climate crisis, advocating immediate action.

While the Eurosceptic Brexit Party sustained its lead by securing 29 of the 73 seats, the Greens managed to push the Tories to the fifth place by securing 7 seats. Tories won 4.

Former leader and the sole Westminster MP of the Greens, Caroline Lucas said, “Clearly people wanted to vote for the Green party because they know that we are a passionate remain party but it’s also the case that right at the top of our messaging we had responses to the accelerating climate crisis and that was the same both in the UK and right across Europe.”

In Germany, nation with the highest number of Parliamentary seats, the CDU/CSU or the Union Parties won 29 of the 96 seats. Greens were a close second with 20 Parliamentary seats.

Nearly doubling its count in Germany, the Green Party pushed the Social Democratic Party (SPD) to third place. The SPD won 16 seats.  

In France, the right-wing nationalist party, National Rally won 22 of the 74 seats. French President Emmanuel Macron’s La République En Marche is right behind it with 21 seats. While the Greens or EELV are third in line with 12 Parliamentary seats.

Raising it total tally of MEPs from 50 in 2014 to 70 in 2019, the Green Party witnessed a substantial leap ahead across European states.

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