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Chinese armymen pass LAC and pitch 5 tents in Demchok

When the 73 day long stand-off at Doklam remains one of the active matters of contention between India and China, the Chinese Peoples’ Liberation Army have passed the Line of Actual Control of the Indian side and pitched five tents lately in Demchok.
ANI reports that,”the transgression took place in the first week of July this year when a group of shepherds understood to be PLA troops entered more than 300 Metres in Demchok, Eastern Ladakh with their cattles and pitched five tents.”

India shares a long border of 4,057 kilometres which is termed as the Line of Actual Control (LAC) spread across the borders of the state of Jammu and Kashmir to the eastern state of Arunachal Pradesh.
The idea of Chinese in following the borders differs from what India claims and hence, it remains disputed which invites to violations.

ANI reported that the comments by Army was declined on the transgression, but their sources confirmed of two existing tents with few men in the area, as three of them were dismantled after the issue was raised at the appropriate level.
Indian side, in Demchok, a banner in Chinese and Hindi is displayed with a message that they have entered the Indian territory and they should return back to their side.
Thw leaders of India and China met this year to for the work on the Special Representatives on the India-China Boundary Question, seeking a fair and mutual acceptance in border settlements.