Pak Launched 2 Satellites to Keep an Eye on India from China’s Satellite Launch...

China launched two satellites for Pakistan on July 9th that, among other things are meant to keep an eye on India. One of them...

Pakistan Gets its First Visually-Challenged Judge

A visually impaired lawyer from Lahore in Punjab province on Tuesday became Pakistan’s first blind judge as he took oath of office, according to...
Kishanganga Project

World Bank Rejects Pakistan’s Objection on Kishanganga Project

In yet another blow to Pakistan, World Bank has asked the neighboring country to stand down on Kishanganga project. It has said in an order...
pervez musharrafs

Pervez Musharraf’s National Identity Card and Passport to be Suspended

Former Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf’s national identity card (CNIC) and passport have been ordered for a suspension by Pakistani Interior Ministry. The Ministry has asked...

Myanmar will take back 58 Rohingyas

Myanmar has confirmed the return of 58 Rohingyas, who had fled across the border to Bangladesh last year following an army offensive in the...

Bangladesh Shows Concern over China’s Brahmaputra Dam Project

China’s moves to build dam on the river Brahmaputra has concerned Bangladesh over the diversion of water. Bangladesh is now prepared for joint-river basin...

Bangladesh Agrees to Take Back Illegal Migrants

In a first, Bangladesh has agreed to take back 33 of its nationals declared infiltrators by various foreigners tribunals in Assam. These migrants are...
Interim Prime Minister

Pakistan Appoints Top Judge as Interim Prime Minister until Election

Pakistan on Monday appointed former chief justice Nasir-Ul-Mulk as interim prime minister until general elections on 25 July expected to usher in the second-ever...

Pakistan Turns to China for $1 Billion Loan to Avoid Forex Crisis

To avoid foreign currency crisis, Pakistan has turned to his loan-lender, China.  In April, Chinese banks have loaned Pakistan $1 billion, as revealed by...

Pakistan Objects Inauguration of Kishanganga Project by Indian PM at World Bank

Pakistan will approach the World Bank after Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated the Kishanganga hydroelectric power station on Saturday during his visit to Jammu...

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