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Mexican President Lopez Obrador Meets US President Joe Biden

Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador met US President Joe Biden in the White House and held a series of bilateral discussions. They acknowledged the “whole-of-government efforts focused on rebuilding the solid framework” of their ties.

President Biden reaffirmed that America sees Mexico as an equal partner. The nations share close ties in friendship and family and they’re united through their common values and history.

Both Presidents reiterated that the U.S.-Mexico relationship is vital to achieving their goals of everything “from the fight against COVID-19 to continuing to grow our economies, to strengthening our partnerships and addressing migration as a shared hemispheric challenge.”

President Biden also addressed migration as a hemispheric challenge, a commitment captured in the Los Angeles Declaration adopted by the Summit of the Americas.

Both discussed their shared challenges and commitments on some of the major issues, including migration. The U.S.A is making historic investments in infrastructure modernization across their 2,000-mile border with Mexico. The Bipartisan Infrastructure Law in America is delivering $3.4 billion to major construction projects at the ports of entry between the two countries to make the border safer and more efficient for people, trade and commerce. 

Labelling it “great news for Mexico”, Mexican Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard revealed the prospective investments of major American companies on Twitter saying that the United States companies plan to invest $40bn in Mexico between now and 2024.

Mexican officials confirmed that the talks would deliver progress on a number of pending investments in Mexico by US energy companies. Mexican President Lopez Obrador told Biden, on Tuesday, that Mexico is all set to work with the US to help secure energy supplies and promote the economic integration of North America. Tatiana Clouthier, Mexican Economy Minister who was also at the business breakfast, said on Twitter, that, Lopez Obrador noted he had come to listen to energy companies, including Sempra Energy.

The Mexican president ended his remarks with a call for more formalized, migration policies. “It is indispensable for us to regularize and give certainty to migrants that for years have lived and worked in a very honest manner,” he said.

“We need to work closer together,” Biden said after López Obrador concluded. “The thrust of what you’re saying, I agree with.”

In a joint statement, the two governments pledged to take “immediate and coordinated steps to manage the flows of migrants arriving into our countries” and to confront the rising inflation by enhancing bilateral trade and reducing trade costs.