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Anti-Government protesters to block roads countrywide

Anti-government protesters planning on adopting ‘plan B’
Anti-government protesters planning on adopting ‘plan B’

The head of the conservative Jamiat Ulema-i-Islam (F) party led the “Azadi” march on 27th October from the southern city of Karachi.  

On Wednesday, the anti-government protesters called off two-week sit-in on the capital’s main highway in Pakistan. Significantly, it has resulted at the beginning of what they called a “Plan B.”

Importantly, the plan aimed at crippling the country’s roads and ousting Prime Minister Imran Khan. Protesters in huge number reached the capital Islamabad on Oct. 31.

They were holding a sit-in demanding Khan’s resignation and a fresh election. Above all, Khan was allegedly involved in electoral fraud and mismanagement of the economy – accusations. However, the government denies these allegations.

On Wednesday, Rehman told supporters to return to their home states to begin “Plan B”. Interestingly, the protesters waved distinctive sticks in the black-and-white stripes of the party. 

In the meantime, Rehman told the crowd “Our strength is converged here, and our associates are out on the roads. They need your help and assistance,”

Besides, he gave a call to “demolish this trunk in the next phase.” Significantly, “Your presence here has cut the roots of the government

The JUI-F workers holding party flags blocked the western Quetta-Chaman highway earlier on Wednesday. Importantly, the highway links the country with Afghanistan. Consequently, resulting in a long queue of trucks laden with goods.

One of the many party supporters Qutb-ud-Din said that “the roads are already blocked with our workers but we are going to sit with them.”  Now they are planning on to “begin Plan B.”

The successful expansion of the sit-in has the potential of disrupting Sindh’s capital Karachi. Importantly, Karachi is Pakistan’s most populous city and its commercial hub.

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