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US revived heavy sanctions to tighten economic pressure on Iran

To levy maximum economic pressure on Iran, United states of America restores the sanctions on Iran which were lifted in 2015 by the Obama government.

With the revival of these sanctions, any transactions with Iran involving dollar bank notes, gold, precious metals, aluminium, steel, commercial passenger aircraft and coal, and the imports of Iranian carpets and foodstuffs into the United States will be prohibited. The report also highlighted on more sanctions to be imposed on Iran in November including barring Iran’s sale of crude oil and transactions with its Central Bank, as reported by ANI.

Challenging the international accord of 2015 in which, six countries – Iran, US, Britain, Germany, Russia, France, and China- signed the Iran nuclear deal in order to stop Iran’s nuclear program, the US president called that step an embarrassment, horrible and one-sided deal. Trump also warned the nations of winding their economic ties with Iran or be ready to meet severe risk consequences.

European Union has updated a blocking statue or law to protect European companies from penalties in Iran.

The United States Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said that the goal of these sanctions is to get Iran to stop supporting the ill- governance and uprisings in the Middle-East, as reported by ANI.

He also added that Iran would require enormous change to break free of US sanctions and that they need to behave like a normal country.