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First Indian-Origin Woman to Contest for Israel Mayoral Elections

A Maharastrian Jew by ancestry, Dr. Ricky Shay is going to become the first women to run for Mayoral Elections in Israel. Ricky Shay has been a member of the city council for five years and has been working on a twin-city pact between Vadodara–Ashkelon. It was while working on the twin-city project that she was inspired to run for the post of Mayor of Ashkelon, one of the biggest cities of Israel.  The Vadodara-Ashkelon pact was signed a few years ago to improve the commercial and political relationship between India and Israel.

“After the Vadodara-Ashkelon pact was signed some years ago, I began working on several programmes that were organized to bring these cities closer. Before this pact, there was little contact with India. I came to Vadodara and met many people there. When I connected to my Indian roots and culture that is based on values of giving, patience, and tolerance, I decided to run for the mayor’s post,” Shay told TOI.

“I have worked a lot for women empowerment here and I am banking on them for my victory. Ashkelon also has Maharashtrian Jew community,” Shay added.

Ricky Shay’s success in the next mayoral elections will etch Vadodara name in the world history.

Shay’s parents moved to Israel in 1964. She has worked as a lecturer, academic director, and has trained women educators. As the city council member, she handles education, women empowerment, and small business portfolios. She has also played major role in the cultural and musical festival organised by ‘Friend of Israel’ in Ashkelon last year.