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Trudeau to form minority government

Trudeau wins narrow victory
Trudeau wins narrow victory

The Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau may cling on to office even though his party fails to get a clear majority.  

In the recent elections, the liberals lost their foothold and managed to get 157 seats out of a total of 338. Thus, to form the government, Trudeau needs 13 more MPs. No party was able to reach the magic number of 170. Evidently, the ruling government will be a coalition. 

Conservatives gave the liberals a tough fight by securing 121 seats. Although the number is far from securing the majority, it is evident that the liberals need outside support to form the government.

Jagmeet Singh’s left-leaning, New Democratic Party (NDP) will provide support to the liberals. Singh was quick to confirm his role as “Kingmaker” on Tuesday.

 He reiterated about his importance by saying that “I’m hoping that Mr. Trudeau respects the fact that there’s a minority government now”. However, both the parties have had an alliance earlier as well.

 Singh also mentioned about the number of issues which the elected members have to deal with namely, “real and urgent’ action on climate change and making life more affordable for Canadians. Significantly, he mentioned that the liberals “have got to work together” with them. 

Singh is an Indian origin politician and a human rights lawyer. Due to this, Canadian elections are followed in Punjab as well. Trudeau has also gained popularity there more so after the appointment of four Sikh leaders in his outgoing cabinet.

 Punjabi candidates of liberal party won all the five seats in Brampton. Brampton has a sizeable number of Sikh populations. It is an important destination for Punjabi students who immigrate to Canada for studies.