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Brexit, still no exit

PM Boris Johnson to pause Brexit legislations.
PM Boris Johnson to pause Brexit legislations.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Tuesday said that he would pause the Brexit legislation until the European Union decides on delay.  

The deadline for leaving the EU bloc is approaching and it is creating havoc in the British parliament.

The fast-track move of PM Boris Johnson was blocked by MPs on Tuesday night. Even after, he threatened to pull it and press for general elections.

The PM said he would talk to the EU leaders and urge them not to agree on prolonged Brexit extension. The request was made after former Tory Cabinet minister Philip Hammond and Rory Stewart backed the labour Party.

 To his dismay, the bloc will decide about the extension on Brexit. On Tuesday night, Mr. Johnson said, “The EU must now make up their minds over how to answer parliament’s request for a delay.

The spokesperson of the PM said that he will converse with other EU leaders to devise a new course of action after the parliament rejected his request of extension on Brexit legislation.

Earlier, the PM said that he would end the process of parliamentary approval that would ease out the way for Britain to leave the European Union.  

The country is haggling over nation’s withdrawal from the European Union. Interestingly, the struggle has already cost two Prime Ministers, David Cameron and Theresa May.

An economic integration of 46 years cannot be scraped easily. The fragmented government is in crisis since the referendum 2016.  

The deadline for leaving the bloc is 31st October. The draft deal is stuck between Mr. Johnson and EU negotiators over the passage in the British and EU parliament.