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The road ahead for the UK after Brexit

UK ends its 47 years of cooperation with the EU
UK ends its 47 years of cooperation with the EU

UK prepares to bid adieu to the EU on January 31; a new deal to be presented to the EU Parliament in the 11-month transition period.

After signing off the Brexit Agreement with the EU last week, Britain will set forth its new trade objectives next month. Britain’s Prime Minister Boris Johnson met with EU’s official and signed the historic agreement to leave the bloc by January 31.

The fresh objectives on a free trade deal have been drafted that will open new doors of opportunities for the UK after its withdrawal from the European Union. The new trade policy will be introduced for negotiation focusing on human resource, environment and state aid.

According to the Withdrawal Agreement signed between London and Brussels, the trade will continue as per the EU laws in the 11-month transition period till December 2020. While the UK has to present a new agreement at the EU Parliament before the transition period, Brexit has given wider space for negotiations of a new trade deal between the UK and the US. 

As the UK bids adieu to its 47 years of cooperation and relationship with the EU, for its MEPs, the Brexit could not have come sooner.  The remaining 27 countries will share the seats between themselves that the UK leaves behind after January 31. The Eurozone has been criticised for being bureaucratic and disastrous as the UK representatives finally feel relieved to witness the historic moment as they leave the Parliament in Brussels.