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The Deplorables Deliver


By William Holland

ObamaThe political earthquake ravaging Fortress Obama has been assailed, defeated and routed. An administration that sought imposition over persuasion has been assigned to the dustbin of history. It wasn’t fore ordained, but the deplorables soundly put to rest the mythic appeal that the politics of the collective can survive in a Constitutional Republic. The Obamanite legacy has no hope after last Tuesday’s coup. The moral lectures have ended.

Over one third of voters throughout the continent broke for Trump. This is after eight long years of decline, where the mandate of heaven guided Presidential distain, ramming through 40 years of pent-up progressive ideals; it’s all over and with it the livelihoods of most who sustain themselves in political grievance.

The imposition of Obama care, the denial of federalism, unitary executive orders managing state led education; title nine radicalization of universities and colleges; an unwelcomed Iranian nuclear deal and more. . . November’s mandate was solid and no political consensus can override the fault lines now permanent in this citizenry.

It will heal, but not without vanquishing Clinton Inc., there’s more to come as this winds out into January’s inaugural.

The party of Lincoln and Reagan always survived in the wilderness. Out of power, it sought to refine delivery at the altar of liberty. The near permanent disarray animating today’s Democratic party is palpable. Obama has delivered his party into a siege mentality of permanent weakness.

The lesson isn’t something working adults should learn on the job; policy goals cannot be imposed on a reluctant imperium by political diktat. Debt monetization and deficit spending have met limits that no US President has ever faced.

Under Obama, the US witnessed failed Treasury auctions while rivals in the Far East seek reserve currency status. Autocracies are on the march. Under Obama, the US turned inward. We’re now paying for that.

The uncompromising and condescension of domestic political rivals has inevitably found a nemesis. Team Obama’s palpable distain for both his political opponents and the American working citizen exhausted itself.

The deplorables vanquished elites throughout this great Republic. Make way for the arrival of the forgotten man.