Home Asia Protests over Extradition Bill bring Hong Kong to a standstill

Protests over Extradition Bill bring Hong Kong to a standstill

Hong Kong Protests over Extradition Bill intensifies
Hong Kong Protests over Extradition Bill intensifies

Hong Kong descended into chaos after city-wide protests against the proposed extradition legislation turned violent.

Defiant protesters took to the streets of Hong Kong to register their protest against the proposed bill, which would have allowed some suspects to be sent back to mainland China for trials.

Irate protesters started fires outside police stations and took to hurling bricks and eggs at police officers. They further disrupted traffic and refused to disperse, even after police warned protesters and fired tear gas. So far, the protesters have confronted law enforcement in as many as eight districts.

While earlier the anti-government rallies were held over the weekend, Monday’s strike brought the city to a halt and impeded the operations of the city.

At least 100 flight cancellations were recorded at the Hong Kong International Airport. Airport authorities did not divulge any details as to why the flights were cancelled but advised passengers to confirm regarding the flight information with the respective airlines.

Chief Executive Carrie Lam asserted that Hong Kong is on “the verge of a very dangerous situation”, adding the protests have an “ulterior motive” that threaten its stability and security.

Senior Superintendent Kong Wing-Cheung of the Police Public Relations Branch avowed that the police department has to full support of the government and there will be no need of help from the Chinese military.

While the government has suspended the proposed legislation, protesters have been calling for wider reforms. Along with demanding a probe into the alleged police atrocities, protesters have been pressing on the dissolution of the current legislature.

Hong Kong, which was returned to China under the “one country, two systems,” framework, has repeatedly felt the ire of the Hong Kong residents, who feel that China is encroaching on their rights.

Meanwhile, the Communist Party-led government in Beijing denounced the protests and accused unnamed “foreign forces” of disrupting the stability and prosperity of the city.

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