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Mission Kaveri India’s Rescue Operation in Sudan

“Mission Kaveri” is a rescue operation undertaken by India to protect its foreign nationals from the war zone in Sudan. The military operation became important as the coup in Sudan turned violent in Khartoum region on 15th April 2023. Through regional partnership countries Kenya, South Sudan, and Djibouti and other key countries such as the US, UK, and EU tried to de-escalate the situation. As Indian civilians became involved in the crisis, India responded with the launch of ‘Operation Kaveri’

During this process, India coordinated with other partners such as Saudi Arabia, the UAE, the UN, Egypt, and the USA. The External Affairs Minister has also assured a contingency plan to evacuate Indians. Similarly, at the UN, India has discussed the current developments and tried to secure a ceasefire in the region. This is to create a safe passage for the civilians evacuating from Sudan. After a 72-hour truce has been reached between the Sudan Army and the Sudan Paramilitary Force, India launched its rescue mission on 24th April 2023. India had sent naval ships and aircrafts that have now rescued approximately 530 Indians from Port Sudan. For this mission, the Indian aircraft ‘C-130’ and naval ship ‘INS Sumedha’ were sent to Port Sudan and evacuated Indians from the transit facility at Jeddah. With the deployment of the two military aircraft by the Indian Air Force it has so far rescued approximately 250 Indians. Moreover, a total of over 530 Indians have been evacuated from Sudan through the transit facility. Currently, the transit route at the Saudi Arabian City has evacuated the first batch of 278 Indians, through the naval ship ‘INS Sumedha’. Currently, India is operating a control room for Indians in Saudi Arabia, to facilitate the evacuation process. 

In the past, as well India has actively participated in rescue mission and UN Peace Keeping Mission such as the “Special Administrative Status” to South Sudan at the end of the second civil war in the Abyei Region in 2004. Even now, during the evacuation process both the countries are coordinating on the exchange of evacuation-related information. They responed to the Indian Embassy’s appeal for an open channel of telephonic communication between the Indian citizens in Sudan, and the Indian Embassy in Khartoum for carrying out the evacuation process.