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Judge blocks Trump’s insurance rule for immigrants

The US President proposed hardline stand on immigration
The US President proposed hardline stand on immigration

The white house has suffered yet another setback. This time the issue revolves around hard-line stand on immigration. The judge ruled that the proposal would result in “irreparable harm” 

A judge blocked the insurance rule proposed by US President Donald Trump. According to the proposed rule, the new immigrants would require having health insurance within 30 days of arrival in the United States of America or can pay for medical care.

Importantly, the proposal aims to reduce the number of immigrants to enter the United States of America on a family-sponsored visa. The proposal would not only reduce their numbers but may also eliminate their entry in America

Judge Michael Simon, a district judge in Oregon, granted a preliminary relaxation against the proposal. The judgment would provide 28 days of restraining orders. Hence, it prevents the rule from taking effect on November 3rd.

In an 18 page long judgment, he said the potential damage to would-be immigrants and their families justify a nationwide block. Furthermore, he said, “facing a likely risk of being separated from their family members would otherwise be entitled as irreparable harm.”   

Importantly, seven American citizens and an advocacy organisation (NGO) had filed against the proposal. Hence, they argue that the proposal “rewrites our immigration and healthcare laws by Presidential fiat.” 

The rationale behind opposing the rules is that the proposal would block hundreds and thousands of legal migrants. Thus, it tends to tighten entry for prospective immigrants. Previously, the healthcare bureaucracy not been able to cater to those who are not yet in the country.

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