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Trump can leave the Paris Accord legally

President Donald Trump confirms that US will leave Paris Accord.
President Donald Trump confirms that US will leave Paris Accord.

The white house is likely to move a step closer on delivering yet another campaign promise of removing the US from Paris Accord.

It had been barely six months of President Donald Trump’s in the office when he decided to remove the US from Paris Peace Accord. Likewise, it has been more than two years now and President Trump is firm in his resolve. The accord aims to limit global warming to below 2-degree Celsius.

In a Rose Garden speech, President Trump announced that the country would “cease all implementation” of the Paris accord. Furthermore, he calls the accord “draconian financial and economic burdens impose on our country.” Therefore, he repeated his disapproval of the pact at Shale Oil and Gas conference in Pittsburgh. 

Importantly, President Trump believes that his pro-energy policies had made the US an energy superpower. Consequently, he wants the US to make an exit from the Paris accord. Interestingly, the pull-out will take effect from next year-the day after the Presidential election- assuming that President Trump will make a comeback.

Under the Paris Agreement, nearly 200 countries set their national targets for reducing or controlling pollution of heat-trapping gases. The agreement came in effect from November 4th’ 2016. Although some serious negotiation took place between the United States of America and China.

According to the terms of the Agreement, no country was allowed to withdraw in the first three years. On Monday, the agreement completes its three years. Hence, the United States of America can formally start with legal proceedings. The process begins with submitting a formal letter to the United Nations.

Besides, if President Trump would not come to power again the next President can also re-join if he wishes so.

Significantly, the next President can get back in the deal within 30 days and plan to cut carbon emission, said Andrew Light, former climate negotiator.

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