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Indo-American choice of Trump for Privacy and Civil Liberties of US

An Indian American professor at the University of Virginia’s school of Law named Aditya Bamzai has been nominated by the US President Donald Trump to be the member of the Privacy and Civil Liberties Oversight.

This agency works in parallel with the executive branch of government that protects the country from terrorism which is to ensure that with the threats and protection from terrorism, the privacy and civil liberties of the people are not hampered.

This nomination is of a six year term that will expire on January 29, 2020.

Bamzai served as an attorney-adviser in the Office of Legal Counsel of the U.S. Department of Justice. He was also an appellate attorney in both private practice and for the National Security Division of the Department of Justice, where he argued a number of national security cases including the third reported case decided by the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court of Review in its four-decade history.

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Earlier in his career, he served as a law clerk to Justice Antonin Scalia of the United States Supreme Court and to Judge Jeffrey Sutton of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit says the website of University of Virginia.

He joined the University of Virginia School of Law’s faculty as an associate professor in June 2016.

Bamzai has argued cases relating to the separation of powers and national security in the U.S. Supreme Court, Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court of Review, D.C. Circuit and other federal courts of appeals.

He is a graduate of Yale University and of the University of Chicago Law School, where he was the editor-in-chief of the law review.