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Indian Institute of Management Shillong Formalises Academic Partnership with Asian Institute of Technology Thailand

In a significant move to boost vibrant academic collaboration, the Indian Institute of Management (IIM), Shillong, and the Asian Institute of Technology (AIT), Thailand, have signed an MoU. The agreement aims to bolster teaching and research initiatives by facilitating cultural and academic exchanges through mutual assistance.

Several key dignitaries were present during the MoU signing ceremony. Among them were the IIM Shillong Director, Prof. DP Goyal, and Prof. Nitin K. Tripathi, the Acting Vice President for Academic Affairs at AIT. IIM Shillong encourages instilling a global perspective among its students and researchers. The MoU with AIT will further promote the culture of academic collaboration among its community members. According to a post on X, IIM Shillong remarked, “This partnership with @AITAsia is aimed to promote collaboration between the two institutions in various areas, including faculty exchange, student exchange, joint research projects, and executive education programs.”

According to Prof. Goyal, this MoU will open up several avenues for the faculty, students, and researchers of IIM Shillong to benefit the academic community of the institute. He further remarked that this partnership would give global exposure to the students, broadening their scope and opening up several opportunities. Prof. Goyal anticipates a significant positive impact to unfold from this partnership. On his part, Prof. Nitin expressed his enthusiasm for connecting with IIM Shillong. He also conveyed his confidence that the partnership will ensure fruitful collaboration in the research community.

The MoU facilitates several initiatives, such as commencing dual international masters and doctoral degree programs. It also plans to promote faculty and student exchanges, start a study-trek programme at AIT for IIM Shillong students, and conduct joint research projects by researchers and faculty members. Additionally, the MoU will ensure participation in winter and summer programmes, student internship opportunities, and regular degree programme enrollment. Through this agreement, the students and staff of each university would have access to library databases, online materials, and journals in the other institute.

Prof. Naliniprabha Tripathy, Dean of External Relations, and Dr. Tedorlang Lyngdoh, Chair of External Relations, represented IIM Shillong at the ceremony. Dr. Roger Levermore, Vice President for Development and Dean of the School of Management (SOM); Mr. Zia Islam, Executive Assistant to Dean and Coordinator, Dean’s Office, SOM; Dr. Sumana Shrestha, Director of International Affairs, Office of International and Public Affairs (OIPA); and Mr. Sanjeet Amatya, Director of Public Affairs, OIPA, represented AIT.

The much-welcome partnership between IIM Shillong and AIT aims to foster a robust framework for academic collaboration, encouraging a shared commitment to excellence in research and education. The MoU symbolises the pressing need for global integration in higher education, fostering enhanced learning environments, and broadening academic opportunities for all.