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Egypt and Turkey Open ‘New Chapter’ of Enriching Bilateral Relations

In a historic move aimed at revitalizing long-dormant ties, Egypt’s President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi welcomed his Turkish counterpart, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, to Cairo for Erdogan’s first official visit to Egypt in over a decade. The visit marks a significant milestone in the efforts to mend and enhance bilateral relations between the two nations. The grandeur of the occasion was underscored by a joint press conference held at Al-Ittihadiya Palace on February 24, where both leaders expressed their commitment to fostering a new era of cooperation and understanding between Egypt and Turkey. President Sisi, in his address, emphasized the importance of the historical relationship shared between the two nations, highlighting their common cultural and civilizational heritage. He hailed the visit as a pivotal moment, stating, “We are opening together a new chapter to enrich our bilateral ties and set them on the right track.” Furthermore, Sisi disclosed that he had received an invitation from President Erdogan to visit Turkey in April, marking a significant step towards further consolidating the newfound rapport between the two countries.

One of the central themes of discussion during the press conference was the coordination between Egypt and Turkey regarding humanitarian efforts in Gaza. President Sisi commended the level of cooperation between the two nations in facilitating the delivery of much-needed aid to the people of Gaza, particularly amidst the challenging restrictions imposed by Israeli authorities. Both leaders reiterated their commitment to achieving an immediate ceasefire in Gaza and restoring calm in the West Bank, with a view to resuming the peace process and establishing a sovereign Palestinian state in accordance with international resolutions.

President Erdogan, echoing Sisi’s sentiments, expressed Turkey’s staunch opposition to the displacement of Palestinians from the Gaza Strip and condemned the violence perpetrated against them. The talks also extended to the issue of achieving stability in Libya, with both leaders emphasizing the need for enhanced consultation and cooperation to support Libya’s transition towards democracy. President Sisi emphasized that success in achieving political and security stability in Libya could serve as a model for resolving conflicts in the region. President Erdogan affirmed his commitment to working closely with Egypt on the Libyan file, along with other regional crises such as those in Somalia and Sudan.

Economic cooperation featured prominently in the discussions, with President Sisi outlining ambitious plans to increase trade between Egypt and Turkey to $15 billion in the coming years. The current trade volume between the two countries stands at approximately $5.875 billion, with Egypt being Turkey’s top trading partner in Africa. Both leaders expressed their commitment to enhancing economic ties and exploring new avenues for cooperation.

In addition to bilateral issues, regional cooperation and stability were also addressed, with a particular focus on the Eastern Mediterranean. President Sisi expressed optimism about building on the current calm in the region to resolve existing differences and harness its natural resources for mutual benefit. The leaders also affirmed their shared interest in cooperating in Africa to support development efforts and promote stability and prosperity across the continent. The visit of President Erdogan to Egypt signifies a significant thaw in relations between the two nations and holds the promise of a brighter future characterized by cooperation, mutual respect, and shared prosperity. As both countries embark on this new chapter of their relationship, the world watches with anticipation, hopeful for a positive impact not only on Egypt and Turkey but also on the broader Middle East region.