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Indian Prime Minister Holds Talks with Greek Counterpart, Strengthening Bilateral Ties

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s meeting with Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis on February 21, 2024, marked a significant stride in bolstering bilateral relations between the two nations. The discussions, held in the backdrop of Mitsotakis’ first official visit to India, focused on a spectrum of collaborative efforts spanning mobility agreements, trade enhancement, strategic cooperation, and cultural exchanges. Addressing the media during a joint press conference, Prime Minister Modi highlighted the pivotal role of the mobility and migration partnership agreement in strengthening people-to-people ties. He expressed optimism about finalizing the agreement swiftly, underscoring its potential to fortify the existing partnership between India and Greece. Moreover, PM Modi expressed elation over the trajectory of bilateral trade, affirming a shared commitment to double trade volumes by 2030.

Acknowledging Greece’s burgeoning participation in the Indo-Pacific, Modi welcomed the country’s decision to join the Indo-Pacific Oceans Initiative. He stressed the importance of dialogue and diplomacy in resolving disputes, affirming mutual adherence to peaceful conflict resolution. In tandem with Modi’s sentiments, Greek Prime Minister Mitsotakis echoed a shared commitment to deepening bilateral cooperation across various sectors. Mitsotakis emphasized the practical implementation of the joint declaration signed in Athens, which elevated the bilateral relationship to a strategic level. He commended the progress made in enhancing cooperation in security, defense, investment, trade, science, technology, and cultural exchanges.

A key highlight of the discussions centered on the impending migration and mobility agreement, anticipated to facilitate cooperation on issues such as illegal migration and human trafficking. Mitsotakis underscored its significance in providing opportunities for Indian youth to contribute to Greece’s economy while fostering mutual growth. Moreover, the Greek Prime Minister reiterated his country’s support for India’s candidacy for the UN Security Council for the term 28–29. He emphasized the need for UN reform to reflect evolving global dynamics. Prime Minister Mitsotakis’ visit to India holds historical significance, marking the first bilateral Head of State or Head of Government-level visit from Greece in 15 years. The visit underscores the maturation of diplomatic relations between the two nations, which were elevated to a ‘Strategic Partnership’ during Prime Minister Modi’s visit to Greece in 2023.

As the Chief Guest and Keynote Speaker at the Raisina Dialogue 2024, Mitsotakis is set to engage in discussions on regional and global issues, further consolidating ties between India and Greece. With senior officials and a high-powered business delegation accompanying him, Mitsotakis aims to explore avenues for expanded cooperation during his visit to Mumbai. The culmination of the visit will mark the celebration of the 75th anniversary of diplomatic relations between India and Greece. Both nations are poised to prepare an action plan showcasing their common heritage in various domains on the global stage, underscoring the enduring partnership between the two ancient civilizations.

As India and Greece forge ahead with renewed vigor in their bilateral ties, the visit serves as a testament to the shared commitment towards fostering mutual prosperity, peace, and stability in the region and beyond.