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Cyber criminals make public personal data of 2.9 crore job-seekers on internet in India

In a fresh development, cyber criminals have made public personal data of 2.0 crore job-seeking Indians on the internet for free, an online intelligence firm said.  “29.1 million Indian jobseekers’ personal details leaked in deepweb for free. We usually see this sort of leaks all the time, but this time, the message header got our attention as it included a lot of personal details – where most of the things are generally static such as education, address etc,” Cyble said in a blog. Recently, the same firm had revealed the hacking of Facebook and Sequoia-funded Indian education technology firm Unacademy. It comes when the entire world is grappling with the coronavirus-crisis and many jobs have been lost.

The leak is expected to have started from a resume aggregator owing to large volume and detailed information about the candidates, it stated. “We will update this article as new information is identified,” Cyble said. The data breach  includes sensitive information such as email, phone, home address, qualification, work experience among others.

“Cybercriminals are always on the lookout for such personal information to conduct various nefarious activities such as identity thefts, scams, and corporate espionage,” Cyble added.

Meanwhile, the country’s largest bank SBI was also recently exposed to such a data leak. The bank exposed financial information of its customers through an unprotected server. The exposed data contained partial account numbers, balances, transaction details and much more. The bank later on managed to secure the server.