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Centre to Spend ₹25 Lakh Crore on Agriculture, Confirms President Kovind

Hon. President Mr. Ram-nath-kovind
President Kovind confirms heavy investment in agriculture during Thursday’s Parliamentary proceedings

President Kovind said the Centre will invest ₹25 lakh crore for increasing agricultural productivity in the years to come, during Thursday’s Parliamentary proceedings

Amid ongoing Parliamentary proceedings, President Ram Nath Kovind confirmed a ₹25 lakh crore investment for boosting agricultural productivity on Thursday.

Apart from monetary aid, the President confirmed that the Centre would take all needed steps to enhance agricultural efficiency.

“Only on the foundation of a strong rural economy, it is possible to build a strong national economy. Our farmers are the pillars of the rural economy,” President Kovind asserted.

He further added, “All possible efforts are being made by the Central government to provide adequate assistance to the states for agricultural development.”

The Centre is now aiming at doubling farmers’ income by 2022. President clarified that the Government’s agriculture policy is both productivity-centric and income-centric.

He added, “In order to enhance agricultural productivity, an investment of ₹25 lakh crore will be made in the coming years.”  

Furthermore, the President highlighted several Union agricultural efforts like the extension of Crop Insurance Scheme, the Soil Health Card, or acceleration of pending irrigation projects.

Under the Pradhan Mantri Kisan Samman Niddhi, over ₹12,000 crore were spent in three months. Annual expenditure on the scheme is estimated at ₹90,000 crore.

President Kovind also spoke of the benefits of the Grameen Bhandaran Yojana, which allows farmers to store their produce, hence sealing in economic security.   

India holds second place in fish production in the world. President Kovind outlined the Government’s plan of making the subcontinent number one.

“There is immense potential for increasing the income of farmers through marine fish industry and inland fisheries,” asserted the Indian President.  

He said the Centre was dedicated to “Neeli Kranti” or a Blue Revolution. The Government is working to enhance the infrastructure for the same.  

President’s announcement was part of the ongoing Parliamentary Budget session, scheduled to be concluded on July 26.

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