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USA to meet peace partners to solve Afghanistan

The US is looking for an escape
The US is looking for an escape

The United States of America, Russia, China, and Pakistan have agreed to negotiate in Afghanistan.

Interestingly, all the partners have agreed on early resumption of direct US talks with the Taliban. The daylong talks in Moscow came ahead of an Intra-Afghan dialogue. China will host the dialogue.

According to officials, familiar will the talks, the Beijing talks scheduled for next week. The talks were postponed. Moreover, they mentioned that the leaders are yet to decide the new date.

Notably, the official sources are yet to confirm the postponement of Beijing talks. Previously, the Intra-Afghan talks were delayed as both the sides squabbled over participants.

Earlier on Friday, a government official said that Ghani was opposing to participate in the talks. Importantly, Ghani did attend the session of talks with Taliban, held in Moscow.

It is not clear what changed his mind or whether he requested a postponement. However, a number of Afghans may to attend the China meeting. This may also include former President of Afghanistan Hamid Karzai, who has always pushed for direct talks.

Yesterday, the top negotiators from the US’s side, sent to Afghanistan. Their purpose is to brief the Afghan President on peace efforts. This is the first trip since the US President ended talks with Taliban.

“The aim of the visit” of the US envoy for Peace in Afghanistan Zalmay Khalizad, “is clear,” said an official in Afghan President’s office. Moreover, he said that the US peace envoy would report to the president regarding his visits in several countries related to peace process.  

The talks of withdrawal of the USA’s troops from Afghanistan in exchange for Taliban security were halted last month following the death of a US soldier along with eleven others in Kabul.  

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