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US objected at UN by Russia, China over blacklisting Russian-based North Korean banker and two other entities

The United States at UN Security Council proposed to add a Russia based North Korean banker in the blacklist, on Thursday.

The blacklisted names involved the other two entities along with the Russian bank.

As per the reports by Reuters, the proposal was laid to the 15 member UNSC North Korea sanctions committee, which operates by the consensus.

On the ground of no adequate and sufficient information, Russia objected the designations.

A discussion at UNSC on easing sanctions was suggested by both Russia and China after Trump and Kim Jong Un’s deal towards denuclearization, as the US and other members of the council had suggested of strict sanctions until North Korea acts on denuclearization.

Last week, the US imposed sanctions on Russia-based Agrosoyuz Commercial Bank, North Korean banker Ri Jong Won, China-based Dandong Zhongsheng Industry & Trade Co Ltd and North Korea-based Korea Ungum Corporation, as reported by Reuters.

The impact of United Nation’s blacklisting of these companies would impose a global travel ban and asset freeze on them.

The purpose of these sanctions by the United States and the UNSC are aimed at regulating funds for North Korea’s nuclear and ballistic missile programs. The sanctions include a ban on exports of coal, iron, lead, textiles and seafood from North Korea.  It also caps on imports of oil and refined petroleum products.

The stop on the export of refined petroleum to North Korea was delayed by Russia and China together at UNSC sanctions committee. It was done on the ground of seeking more detail from the US on the allegations laid on North Korea over the breach of sanctions, reports Reuters.