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UAE with 100,000 Golden Visas Offer


100,000 golden visas will be issued by the UAE to the world’s best programmers as the country aims to become a global tech investment hub. As a significant digital transformation to reduce their carbon footprints has been undergone by the local energy companies, this kind of opportunity could be beneficial for the tech experts in the gas and oil sectors. This opportunity is in line with the plans of the UAE to provide 100,000 golden visas to the best talents in the technological sector in the UAE and to experts around the globe.

UAE’s investment in software development and AI technology will be important for the country’s national goals because it will help double the endowment of the digital economy to the national GDP. The United Arab Emirates is positioning itself as a leader in the global arena of artificial intelligence by the year 2031. Several priority sectors are included, which are curated below:

·       Resources and Energy

·       Health Care

·       Logistics and Transport

·       Hospitality

·       Cybersecurity

The 10th session of its regular digital industry frameworks was hosted by the Dubai Chamber of Digital Economy as part of its effort to enhance the sector, which has focused on the artificial intelligence (AI) industry and software development. Top executives, experts, business leaders, and entrepreneurs were present in the workshop and discussed the opportunities and challenges that have been faced by the company.

The Minister of State for Artificial Intelligence, Digital Economy, and Remote Work Applications of the UAE, Omar Sultan Al Olama, who is also the Chairman of the Dubai Chamber of Digital Economy, said that the nation is committed to unlocking the full prospects of the digital economy, which has grown two and a half times faster than the global GDP over the past two decades.

All relevant parties are being involved by the UAE in order to build a clear roadmap to revitalize the digital industry and make sure that the policies of the current government, strategies, and initiatives promote business friendliness and innovation for all sectors.

Dubai is aiming to become a destination of preference for international digital investment and global tech talent, and it is luring an increasing number of software development professionals. The “UAE Digital Economy Strategy” seeks to double the digital economy’s share of the UAE’s GDP to 19.4% over the course of ten years.