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Revamped Gmail is ‘Smarter and Cleaner’ than Ever



Since Google launched its web-based e-mail service provider in 2004, Gmail has not been through any major revamp. The search giant announced a host of new features to its platform along with a refreshed design.

The first noticeable feature added is the ability to take actions on emails right from the Inbox itself. You will be able to access the new icons to archive and delete a message as well as mark it as ‘Read’ without actually clicking the message open.

Google has even added a link to the new ‘Snooze’ feature. When users try to snooze an email, the service gives an option to resurface it later in the day. Those who hate piled up inbox with messages and junks will find great assistance through this tool.

There’s also a “nudging” feature. Now, you can see messages according to their importance to you. ‘Artificial Intelligence smart technology’ the buzz word in the industry will figure out this for you.

Taking privacy and confidentially seriously, “confidential mode” has been added. While writing an email, users can select for how long the recipient will be able to read the email. Recipients will not be able to forward, copy, paste, download or print the content. This facility will come handy if anybody ever hacked the recipient’s account, the email with your confidential information will remain safe.

For added security, users can also go on to add a second-factor authentication, wherein the recipient will receive an SMS message with a Google-generated passcode to read the email.

Gmail will also be receiving a new built-in offline mode. Users will be able to store up to 90 days of email and search through them. The new capability will launch in the upcoming weeks.

The new-look Gmail is rolling out gradually from today across 1.4 billion or so users, so be patient if it hasn’t already appeared in your web browser.