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Power-Sharing Agreement between two Sudanese Rival Factions

Movement have reached a power-sharing agreement
Protesters during the Sudan Crisis

Sudan’s Ruling Military Council and the Country’s Pro-Democracy Movement have reached a Power-Sharing Agreement

The power-sharing agreement signed between the two rival parties of Sudan shall resume peace after the protest started in April.

The deal which is set to emerge as part of the envoy shall break months of political impasse, since autocratic leader President Omar al-Bashir was ousted by the military in April.

The agreement has also resulted, in the creation of a time table, in regard to the transition, which would take place towards the restoration of the civilian rule.

Both the sides agreed for an equal power sharing of five seats for each.  One additional seat was reserved for a civilian with a military background.

The sides had agreed to form a Joint Sovereign Council for ruling the country for “three years or a little more” stated Mohammed el-Hassan Labat.

The earlier power-agreement signed on June 3 had collapsed after Khartoum protest camp had been razed by the security forces.

The last week’s protests had killed at least 11 people.

While a total of 250 people have been killed in the uprising against al-Bashir in December.

The protest had continued even after the long-time ruler had been overthrown in April. The people had feared the continuity of an authoritarian rule under some other power hungry leader.

The talks are a result of the efforts of the AU and the Ethiopian government.

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