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National Strike against austerity measures paralyzes Equador

Austerity measures spark protest in Equador
Austerity measures spark protest in Equador

Protestors in Equador have clashed with police personnel and demanded a repeal of the austerity measures. The austerity measures were introduced to stabilize the country’s economy

Defiant protestors in Equador continued to demonstrate against President Lenin Moreno’s decision to introduce austerity measures. On the other hand, President Moreno has stated that the measures are necessary to fix the country’s economy.

Shops, factories, and schools remained closed as demonstrators threw stones and burned tires. Hooded protestors attempted to storm barricades around the presidential palace. Notably, President Moreno had already left the presidential palace on Monday and moved the government to the port city of Guayaquil.

Subsequently, police personnel tried to disperse the crowd by firing tear gas. Further, the government has declared a national curfew between 8 p.m. and 5 a.m. to maintain peace and stability. 

While some groups protested peacefully, other leaders said that they will not stop until the government repeals austerity measures. According to the decree, fuel subsidies were scrapped. This led to a spike in the cost of petrol and diesel.

It is to be noted that the petrol and diesel subsidies were scrapped last Tuesday. The government said that the measure was taken as part of a deal that was finalized with the International Monetary Fund last year.

Significantly, President Moreno has not responded to the demands of the protestors. He maintained that he will not step down or repeal the measures. The President also said that he is a victim of a coup attempt by his predecessor and onetime mentor Rafael Correa. Mr. Correa, who is facing corruption charges in Equador, has denied the charges, but said that Moreno should step down from the post.